Business Woman Wants Gov’t Re-Introduce Coins


A businesswoman in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, has stressed the dire need for the Liberian Government, through the Central Bank of Liberia, to re-introduce the coins for the Liberian market; writes Folo-Glagba Korkollie in Bassa.

Madam Mary M. Glay made the suggestion  recently during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at her Tubman street business center in Buchanan city.

She reiterated that the re-introduction of the coins will add more value to the bank notes in the country.

Madam Glay noted with emphasis that the coins, when re-introduced, will surely enable people to purchase local products  on the market by using one cent, five cent, ten cent, twenty-five cent, fifty cent, and one dollar as was done in the past (normal days). She pointed out that if the great United States and other African countries like Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone, among others, are still making use of their respective coins, why cannot Liberia do the same.

With vanishing of the Liberian coins, the citizens are finding it difficult to buy even a plastic bag of water and other goods that they could buy with coins, rather than spending only the Liberian bank notes.  She mentioned that if the Liberian Government re-introduces the coins, it would enable the citizens to buy the least commodity on our market.

The Bassa businesswoman attributed the abrupt abolishment of the coins to the high cost of commodities on the market.

She is, therefore,  appealing to the national government to see all reasons to re-introduce the coins for the benefit of the citizens.


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