Business People Accuse Lonestar Cell MTN Staff in Bassa


The proprietors and proprietresses of various businesses in Buchanan and its environs have frowned at the staff of the Lonestar  Cell MTN branch in Grand Bassa County for  engaging in the same business that they are operating, rather than focusing only on communication.

Speaking to journalists, over the weekend in Buchanan, the proprietor of the John D. Zeon, at the premises of the FRUTUL,  said it is regrettable that the staff of the Lonestar Cell MTN, especially Francis Demore, would sell wholesale and retail cold water and even charge batteries.

H. John Zeon said since Demore started operating the same businesses as theirs have begun to decline.

He revealed that Demore is using the current of Lone Star Communication in the Telecommunication Building on Robert Street free of charge and not paying taxes but allegedly duping Government of its taxes.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow affected business colleagues, Zeon appealed to the management of the Lonestar Cell MTN to quickly intervene, in order to avoid future confrontation.

When contacted, Demore denied the allegation levied against him by his accusers.

Demore, who is the chief technician of the Lonestar Cell MTN Bassa branch, clarified that he is not a water producer but a mere cold water seller.

He claimed that he is using current from the company to make his business and added that it is his immunity.


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