Business man Donates Building Materials

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A Liberian business man, Ishmael Sheriff, recently donated eight bundles of zinc with several building materials including cash to residents of Bassa Community, Montserrado Electoral District #8, to renovate the community palava hut.

Liberians, he said, need to now understand that they have to “graduate from so much talk without any impact and implementation, because it will do them no good.

‘’I believe we as we should by now begin to act positively rather than talking too much without doing anything positive,” he urged Liberians.

Mr. Sheriff is a proprietor of “My Own Business Center.” He told the residents that the materials are intended to renovate the leakage in the palava hut in Bassa Community.

“I saw the need to bring these materials with small cash to ensure that the building is roofed, because it has been leaking for long without any repair. Palava hut is very important in any community and the district at large. It helps generate funds for the community also,” he noted.

He said the palava hut also unites people to discuss national issues that seek to transform the country and its people.

“We must always remember where we came from because I myself came up the hard way, so I will always help my community, the people and country when the opportunity is there,” the Liberian businessman expressed.

He believes that when God blesses someone, that person should not forget about others, because to help one community and the country is an ideal thing to do.
He also encouraged the residents to take the issue of development very seriously, noting that development is one of the major successes to a nation and its people.

He called on Liberians to begin acting positively to develop rather than talking without doing anything positive to transform the country, adding, ‘’There have been too many leaders, who talked without contributing to the welfare of the country and its people in terms of advancing development objectives.

On behalf of residents, the community chairman, Mark Collins, said they will always remember him (Sheriff) as a patriotic Liberian who believes in the cause of the people.

“We will continue to work with you in good relationship to ensure that more development comes to our community because we believe you can do more by helping with the developmental aspect and other opportunities to transform the district and impact the lives of the people,” said Chairman Collins.

He then encouraged young people of the Bassa Community to join hands and work in the best interest that will bring more development in the community and the district at large.


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