LCCBC Launches Smartcoke Products Online

Mr. Appiah: "Bronze package will get the planner 38 cases assorted flavors plastic bottle soft-drinks along with 20 chairs..."

Event planners, including birthday, wedding, funeral, graduation organizers, among others, can now promote their needed services by online booking via, according to Kwadwo Appiah, the commercial manager of the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company (LCCBC).

Launching the Smartcoke program last Friday at its headquarters in Paynesville, Appiah unveiled three packages available for event planners, including bronze, gold and platinum (being the highest). Each package will get the planner a certain number of cases of assorted flavors of plastic bottle soft-drinks along with a consignment of chairs, tables, and ice chests, all Coca-Cola branded for the event. “Depending on the distance of the event, a service fee of 15-20% will be charged in addition to the total cost,” Appiah said.

He said the Smartcoke service will lead to the second phase of the project – making the service available throughout the country – and called on the general public to take advantage of the service to get their money’s worth of products along with Coca-Cola branded chairs, tables, coolers, umbrellas, trays, among others.

David Mayson, an event organizer, made a presentation on the website, showing step by step easy access to completing an event request. He said after an event request is completed online, an email will confirm the completion of the request and an LCCBC agent will follow it up with a phone call in about 15 minutes.

Once the required service funds are paid, the product will be delivered on a set date; and therefore, it is important for event planners to allow one week after payment for the products to be delivered at the stated location.

Edwina Vakun, proprietress of Green Ocean Incorporated on Duport Road, Paynesville, commended the new initiative and appealed to Liberians to take advantage of the service and get their events done successfully. Vakun works along with LCCBC as an event planner, and said the LCCBC initiative is empowering her business to another level.


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