Orange Rolls Out Mobile Tax Payment Platform

(From left) Olalekan Balogun, Managing Director and CEO, UBA Liberia; Mamadou Coulibaly, CEO, Orange Liberia; and Louis Brah Roberts, Deputy CEO, Lonestar Cell MTN.

Orange Liberia has entered into a new partnership with the Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA) for the roll out of a mobile tax payment platform. The new service, according to a statement from Orange Liberia, provides an easy, affordable and convenient way for hundreds of thousands of Liberian individuals and businesses to pay their taxes.

Speaking at the launching of the project proof of concept (POC) on September 7th, the head of the LRA, Madam Elfreda Tamba noted that the initiative was a part of her Agency’s transformative and modernization process. “This is the first Private to Government payment system in Liberia,” she announced. “All tax payments and selected non-tax payments will be included in this pilot stage. This includes corporate taxes, personal taxes, 4% business tax, GST and Excise tax.”

The new Orange platform will provide an opportunity for taxpayers to pay outstanding revenues to the Government of Liberia from anywhere in Liberia with ease and convenience. The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia, Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly said he was proud and happy about the new initiative.  He emphasized that even outside of Liberia, Orange has a heavy focus on Mobile Money and noted that the company was deploying the same strategy in Liberia. “One of the key pillars of our investment is Mobile Money, which we must execute in collaboration with partners in government,” said Mr. Coulibaly. “Therefore, we are happy to be signing this Proof of Concept with the LRA.”

Mr. Coulibaly also revealed that Orange’s engagement with the LRA was part of long-term efforts by the company to improve overall customer experience. He said that in addition to investments in the Mobile Money platform, Orange is also making major investments to improve access to telecommunications services across the country. He detailed that the company had already put up 100 new sites in one year, with more to come.

Mr. Coulibaly assured the LRA and the Liberian public that Orange will “put all of its expertise and skills to work to ensure the success of the Proof of Concept.”


  1. We also need a way for disapora Liberians to pay their real estate taxes online instead of sending money to crooked relatives who might steal it. If the government has a database of real estate owners, it could develop software that will allow us to pay our taxes.

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