BRAC-Liberia Boosts Poultry Industry


The country representative of BRAC Liberia, Mohammed Abdus Salam, has said the poultry industry continues to grow in the country and he is optimistic that it will play a key role in boosting the country’s economy in the future.

A BRAC Liberia release said that more farmers are joining the industry. “The poultry industry is growing smoothly because of new technology, the use of locally available feed, breeding, hatching and other inputs and this sector is flourishing to benefit the country,” Mr. Salam said.

BRAC is implementing its poultry hatchery and feed mill that would serve as a remedy to the growing public demand for meat and fresh eggs in Liberia.

He explained that more than 1000 farmers, 600 livestock and poultry promoters are currently benefiting from BRAC’s Diamond Poultry and Pig Feed program, manned by twenty staff members, including technicians, shed supervisors, cleaners and laborers.
The release said the poultry hatchery and feed mill project consists of a workers’ house, water tanks, generator house, poultry shed, office and residence as well as hatchery building in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.
The feed mill has the capacity to produce at least 16 metric tons of feed per day. Since the beginning of this year, it has produced 120 metric tons of poultry feed, while BRAC Diamond Poultry Feed has also produced 50 kg per bag.

He further revealed that a series of awareness activities are expected to be conducted among community residents who are being mobilized on income generating methods as well as supporting those who raise, supply and feed the chicks.

At the moment, director Salam said farmers have received training on commercial layer birds rearing, which is increasing their nutrition consumption household income, while the rural economy is steadily improving.

On the BRAC Diamond Poultry and the BRAC Diamond Pig Feed project, Salam said it is expected to be sustained for several years to enable poultry farmers in the country to generate more income.

BRAC Liberia is a not-for- profit organization that started its livestock and agriculture development program in Liberia since 2008 to strengthen the efficient and effective management of small and medium livestock and crop farmers programs.

BRAC Liberia has successfully established a poultry hatchery and feed mill in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County and is currently producing quality feed for the poultry and pig farmers in rural communities. The project was initiated through collaboration between BRAC Liberia and Chevron and later received support from the European Union (EU). The Ministry of Agriculture is currently providing technical support on the project outcome.


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