Bad Roads Cause Price Hike in SKD Community


Presently transport fare for motorbikes from the Samuel K. Doe Community Junction to former Representative Reginald Sogan-Teah’s House is between L$20 to L$30 during the daytime, and L$40-L$50 at night, due to the bad roads in the community.

Prior to the terrible condition of the roads, the transportation fare for motorbike was L$10, both during the daytime and at night.

Mr. Jackson V. S. Gbaye, the SKD Community Motorbikes Union, said the increase of the transport fare is due to the frequent damage of the bikes, especially the brake-shoes and spark plugs, as a result of the bad roads and the difficulty to navigate the potholes, mud and flooded roads.

He said when the rain falls, most of the bikes are parked because the roads are over-flooded with water. Those motorcycle riders who braved the flooded-roads often lost their balance, causing their passengers (costumers) to fall in the water or mud mistakenly because of the bad roads.

“We are embarrassed by the road – some of the time we threw our passengers down, but they understand, because we can’t see in the rocks or whatsoever under the water that is causing it,” Gbaye said.

“We want this road to be fixed for the sake of all of us.”

He also said because of the embarrassment of throwing down their passengers, business is “very slow” and some of the riders hardly meet their daily quotas before the night comes.

“Some of the people are afraid to ride with us because of the bad roads – so we sleep on the bikes for hours before we get a single passenger,” Gbaye said. “Bad, bad roads are the cause of the increase in price and slowness in business.”

A businessman, Joseph Flomo, also said there is also hike in the price of carrying their goods in the community.

Flomo said for the past five years, the roads have been bad and the transportation fare is increasing every monthly and every year.

“We need help here or else, one day, we would block the main road to call the government’s attention,” Joseph said.

A staffer in the Montserrado County’s District # 14 office of Rep. Vanmuyan Corneh, who requested to remain anonymous, said the heavy rains have made it difficult to carry out road maintenance in the SKD Community.

The staffer pointed out, however, that Rep. Corneh’s office has raised an emergency fund to carry out the works.


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