Bad Road Hampers Trade at Loguatuo Port


A bad road is said to be hampering trade at the Loguatuo port of Entry around the Liberia – Côte d’Ivoire border

The piece of road linking Karnplay to the port is very deplorable and may certainly collapse if nothing is done urgently.

In an interview with the Township Commissioner of Kpateahplay, Mr. H. Womenpea Sandi, told this paper that the present condition of the road is not good. However, he praised the government and its development partners for constructing a major part of the road, which links Sanniquellie and Karnplay.

He added that Loguatuo is strategically located and it is one of the busiest rural ports in Liberia where a high percentage of reveue is  collected.

Recently, when the Nimba Correspondent visited Loguatuo, it was observed that the entire road had been eroded with some of the bridges in very poor condition.

When the UN was repatriating returning Liberians from La Côte d’Ivoire some years ago, The UN High Commission of Refugees rehabilitated the road from Bahn to Loguatuo.

The road was also constantly in good condition and maintain by the UNMIL Engineering Battalion, when UNMIL officers were present at the border post.

The withdrawal of UNMIL forces from Loguatuo over a year ago has left the road bad, hampering movement.

In other developments, the police and immigration barracks project undertaken by the Justice Ministry has almost been completed and is awaiting dedication, Commissioner Sandi has said.

The barracks will host the police and BIN security assigned along that bordering town to provide security, since the drawdown of UNMIL has left a security vacuum at the lucrative border port.

The Loguatuo Port of entry is located north of Karnplay, also on the border. It is one the leading custom collectorates in Liberia.

It is a rural port where plastic goods, agriculture products as well as livestock and cattle enter the country.

The collapsing of the road may likely hamper the already fragile Liberian economy.


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