B-Square Fast Food Pulls Customers


B-Square Fast Food Business Center, a recently dedicated food business on Capitol Hill campus of the University of Liberia will soon receive its capital of US$50,000, invested in the business as students have turned to it in huge numbers.

Tamba Bundor, manager of the restaurant, told the Daily Observer in an interview that as a result of the environment in which the food is served and coupled with affordable prices, students are rushing to be served.

“The business is doing well, and students and faculty are pulling in here daily to eat, and the food is affordable. This is a purely Liberian owned business,” Mr. Bundor said.

Mr. Bundor said the business center has air conditioning and restroom facilities besides the magnificently designed space where the food is served. Furthermore, a plate of rice is sold for LD$225.

“Customers usually applaud us for the food we serve and students are attracted here because of the environment. Seeing the influx of students here at the center, we are expecting to get back the money we invested into the business, although we are not out yet to make a profit,” Mr. Bundor said.

Other food items sold at the center include cassava, eddoes, plantain and potato gravy, juices of all kinds, bread and tea,.

Considering the influx of students, the manager said they are contemplating extending the restaurant if UL Administration agrees.

The spot, on which B-Square is located, according to its manager, was leased for 20 years and is renewable.

The presence of B-Square on the UL campus poses competition to food sellers who have long established their customer base on the campus.

Responding to a question about relationship with them, Mr. Bundor said he has had a meeting with them and all of them are friendly.

Prior to B-Square’s arrival on the UL campus, there were other food centers, including Student Center, Facebook and 404. They sell food similar to B-Square but are a bit more expensive. They also sell alcoholic beverages with music to entertain customers.

Commenting on the new facility, students praised the new center. “Yes, this is a place to eat! The new place is affordable and it does not play loud music. This is the place I will always come now on Saturday to get my hot cup of tea and bread because I leave home very early. The place is actually decent and attracts people to buy,” student Jackson Alpha said.

“B-Square is not playing. At least since the competition is there now, others will begin to improve their areas as we are leaving them now. This is what TOTAL Gas stations have done in the petroleum business,” a female student added.


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