Artificial Gas Shortage?

Some petrol stations have turned motorists away due to shortage of product, while other stations have increased prices drastically.

LPRC says no gas, fuel shortages, as filling stations say otherwise

Vehicles queueing for hours yesterday at several major gas stations in Monrovia have raised concerns over the availability of petroleum products on the Liberian market.

Several top gas stations were closed on Sunday due to what was said to be the shortage of petroleum products in the country.

A gallon of gasoline in Monrovia and its environs is now being sold between L$750 to L$860, while fuel is sold for L$775 to L$875 as of the Monday afternoon, October 22.

This situation, according to our business desk, is also paralyzing the movement of vehicles thereby leaving many passengers stranded as many drivers complain that they are unable to get gas for their vehicles.

Top petroleum vendors TOTAL Liberia, Super Petroleum (SP), Aminata & Sons, and Don Kan filling stations, are among those reportedly serving a limited amounts of gas to customers. Many of the vehicles which were seen plying the Tubman Boulevard route had queued at the Kailondo and Son fueling stations in order to get petrol.

However, Al-Laurent Parker, public relations manager at the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation (LPRC), told the Daily Observer in an interview that he was surprised to hear in the news that there is a shortage of petroleum products on the market.

Mr. Parker, who spoke to our business desk last evening, said that gasoline dealers are always in the constant habit of hiking the price of petroleum products. “As I speak to you now there is no shortage of gasoline on the market, we have enough gasoline and fuel in the country. We don’t know the reason why people would want to hoard the product,” he said.

He said in every economy there are dishonest people that want to maximize profits at the expense of others. Mr. Parker further assured that there is enough fuel in the country and that there is no need for panic.

The apparent artificial scarcity is generating grave concern among consumers and impacting the price of the product.


  1. We go the gas and the cash. Why worry about news on scales. The people know what ‘seven corners’ should be used for. Not gas. When the none natural print is hidden, the false gas tries to stimulate itself to make believe. Even players do artificial moods to make points in sports. Do not answer me. Tell the media.

  2. We got the gas too and at no length how they hide the print, the seven corners cash has already been hidden and will still roll. The chief of staff has presented his scale to the U.N.. Answer for yourself. Tell the people.
    Gone to sleep until it is time to spend.

  3. Well only the poor masses will continue to suffer. It seems as though they love the direction their life is heading. They rejoice every time they see their own casket. But wait people in the diaspora will soon get tire. Then all hell will break loose.

  4. When the government is not in charge, these are some of the stupid things that happen. They were craving for power all over the place and now that they have been elected, they can’t do a thing. SAD!!!!

  5. This is how Edwin Snowe and some of his men got rich at LPRC under murderous Taylor. As MD of LPRC, Snowe would hoard the gas and then create an artificial shortage in order to steal from the Liberian people. Snowe would hoard around 80,000 gallons of gas. Actual cost a gallon would be $3.00. Snowe would sell it at the rate of $5.00 a gallon, thereby pocketing at each transaction a month.


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