AMEU, Coco-Cola to Launch Institute for Innovation Study


The African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in collaboration with the Coco-Cola Bottling Company is expected to launch an Institute for Innovation study on the main campus of the university.

The Institute for Innovation study is a process that would refines knowledge and not just the great idea, but would help business people and the students’ community in making research.

The statement said that with the lack of understanding that students have, the Institute would help them cope with challenges and problems they face as students.

This concept, according to the statement, the University and Coco-Coca will create a thought-provoking “program” in an inspiring space, where honored students of the University can enroll and participate in weekly activities of “innovation and creativity” in addition to their regular coursework and students will also discover, create and refines ideas that will help enhance the world we live in.

The enrollment criteria will be developed jointly by AMEU as well as the Coco-Cola Company, based on the intended size of the institute, space availability, anticipated projects, students GPA and among other things.

The focus of innovation activities shall have no limits; students would be encouraged not to think outside of “the box,” instead, they will be taught to know that there is “no box” in terms of innovation.

The mission of the Institute is: Bringing Together the Power of Creativity, to Discover Great Ideas.

Meanwhile, mentors from Coco-Cola, AMEU and others business industry executives will provide independent research-based guidance to students; and activities shall ingrain nourishing of the mind, and enhancing attitudes with positive behaviors and skills that are necessary for dreaming big.     

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