AGAC “Committed to Modernizing Farming in Liberia”

AGAC Country Director, Mathew Ndote

– By helping farmers assess their farms, says AGAC Boss Ndote

The Country Director of Aim Global Agribusiness Company (AGAC), Mathew Ndote, said that his company is helping Liberian farmers to assess their farms and advise them on the status of the soil so that crops can thrive to yield bountiful harvests.

Ndote, who spoke to the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday, emphasized that his company also recommends necessary improvements to farms to improve soil condition and empower Liberian farmers to generate higher yields and better their lives.

“Aim Global is Liberia’s leading international agribusiness company that is involved with high quality seeds, agrochemicals and fertilizers. The company provides training and extension services to farmer who buy its products and services. We are committed to modernize farming by supplying various farming technologies such as irrigation, greenhouses and mechanized farming equipment among many others,” he revealed.

He indicated that Aim Global Agribusiness Company also advises farmers on which kinds of crops to grow from planning for planting materials required, land preparation, showing them how to plant and protect the crops from pests and diseases, and linking them to buyers such as market men/women, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

Ndote made the statement on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, in an interview with this paper in the Aim Global Agribusiness Company office on 24th Street, Sinkor, following an assessment of farmland owned by Afro Green Liberia in Bensonville City.

The Aim Global Agribusiness Company boss said the company also works with farmers involved in animal husbandry – farmers who raise animals for food. The company, he added, has a highly qualified staff that carries out far assessments, including soil tests at affordable rates.

According to Ndote, Aim Global takes pride in its advanced expertise in farm planning, layout and training on appropriate practices that will make Liberian farmers harvest more for food security and improve their living conditions.

Ndote concluded that his company offers the above services to interested farmer groups, commercial farmers and organizations.


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