Acting Finance Minister Want Liberia’s Partners Assist to Meets Post-Ebola Challenges


Acting Finance and Development Planning Minister, Dr. James F. Kollie has underscored the need for Liberia’s partners to assist the country meet the post-EBOLA challenges.

In a meeting with a six-man visiting European Union delegation in Monrovia on Wednesday, October 22, Dr. Kollie said while the country struggles with the scourge of the deadly EBOLA virus disease, there are lots of challenges in the areas of health, education, agriculture and the economy.

Dr. Kollie said as the result of the crisis farmers were not able to plant their seeds and have subsequently used them to meet the nutritional needs of their families something that poses tremendous burden on the government foods security program.

 He indicated that in the health sector there is a dire need to restore basic health services throughout the country so that the system can be in a better position to respond adequately to the health needs of the people.

According to Dr. Kollie, with the erection of EBOLA Treatment Centers across the country, it was important for linkages with these centers in complementing the efforts of existing health facilities.

On the economic front, the acting Minister for FDP said most companies especially those in the construction industry have either slow or shut down operations thereby effecting contractual workers while at the same time schools are closed leaving teachers, order than those on government payroll, without pay.

For his part, the EU head of delegation, Agostino Miozzo said the delegation was in the country as part of their visits to the three countries worst hit by EBOLA to understand their other needs order than humanitarian needs. Mr. Miozzo said it was a welcome development from the ETUs regarding the number of cases but warned against painting a wrong picture which would invite the CNN effects where attention would be shifted from Liberia and EBOLA onto something else when the crisis was not fully under control.

The visiting EU delegation also expressed the need for greater efforts in improving the systems of accountability, Public-Private Collaboration and the execution of the EBOLA Trust fund.

The EU delegation is in the country to hold consultations with the government and stakeholders on how the 28-Member European Union can assist Liberian it its fight against EBOLA.


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