A Nobel Idea: From USA, Transfer Money to ATM Cards in Liberia


Nobel Liberia Limited, in partnership with the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), have come together to launch a new money transfer platform, featuring automated teller machines (ATM), through which recipients in Liberia can withdraw cash.

The platform, which was launched on Friday, July 1, similar to existing money transfer systems in the country, although tailored specifically to Liberia as a niche market.

Nim’ne Elliot Mombo Jr, Financial Controller of Nobel Liberia, told the Daily Observer in an interview that the company wants to tap into the money transfer sector, particularly for those who are receiving money from family members in the United States.

With transfer fees starting as low as US$7.99, Mombo is urging Liberians residing in the United States to use the new service with affordable charges. “In other words, compared to our competitors, we charge far less for customers to pay to send any amount of money to Liberia. Our money transfer service is fast, reliable and affordable,” he added.

According to Mombo, “The first thing we want for Liberians to understand is that this is a Liberian-driven company and we will need their support in moving the business forward. We can guarantee that Nobel-Liberia will be one of the best when it comes to offering money transfer services.”

Mombo further told the Daily Observer that as part of his company’s partnership with LBDI, Nobel Liberia has provided ATM machines for LBDI that would minimize customers waiting time for their banking transactions.

He said anyone banking with LBDI that meets the bank’s criteria will be eligible to receive the ATM debit card.

“For the money transfer services there are currently five branches that are available to make payouts, including the LBDI headquarters on 9th street, the bank’s branches on Randall Street, in Duala, and Red Light. The service is also available at Nobel’s office on 20th, opposite Access Bank,” Mombo said.

He added that although the company has been in Liberia since 2014, it is now moving into various channels of marketing, adding, “We have our express channel where folks in the US can purchase groceries of various food items, such as oil, rice, and soap, cereals, milk, sugar, etc., and we make the delivery within 24 hours to family members in Liberia. That’s what the express service is all about.”

For his part, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nobel Liberia Jallah Kesselle promised customers that the company will do everything it takes to meet their satisfaction.

Nobel Liberia Limited, a subsidiary of Nobel Telecommunications.


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