2 Detained Chinese Nationals Out on Bail

The two Chinese nationals .jpg

Two Chinese business people who were jailed for more than a day, after they were arrested with building materials that came into the country duty free for the construction of the Monrovia Vocational Training Institute (MVTC), have been freed on bail.

Defendant Tim Tim is the owner of China Shan Construction Engineering Group. Her male counterpart Bing Shu Jun, is the owner of WJ Building Materials Store on 15th Street Sinkor, where the duty free items were confiscated.

The defendants were bailed late Wednesday evening on the orders of Magistrate Kennedy Peabody after they were arraigned before him to answer to their charges of tax evasion and economic sabotage, which prosecution put the value of the crimes up to US$60,000.

The release of the defendants coincided with recent arrests of several Chinese nationals on tax evasion charges.

The materials were part of the Chinese Government’s commitment toward the reconstruction of Liberia’s educational facility through the China-Aid Expansion Project.

They were arrested on June 22 by officers of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), apparently based on a tip off that the defendants had surprisingly sold the duty free construction materials to Jun’s store.

Court documents revealed that co-defendant Tim received several consignments of building materials on duty free for the construction of the MVTC through the China-Aid Expansion Project which building materials were alleged to have been ‘criminally’ conveyed to co-defendant Bing Shu Jun store to be marketed in the country.”

The duty free privilege, which was arranged through the initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, was intended for building materials brought in for the reconstruction of the MVTC.

The case of the two Chinese sparked widespread criticisms, with some local construction companies wanting government to press charges against them as a deterrent, if the defendants are found guilty of charges against them.


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