16-Day Egypt Trade Fair Opens at YMCA Gym: Ambassador Calls for Improved Trade


The first Egypt and Middle East Trade Fair, which opened last Saturday at the YMCA Gym in Monrovia with a display of various products, is meant to encourage Liberian businesses to accept the challenge to increase trade with Egypt, the Egyptian Ambassador to Liberia, Ambassador Alaa Khairta Issa, has said.

Speaking at the opening of the trade fair, Issa said the exhibition is to acquaint Liberians with the quality products, including handicrafts, which are produced in Egypt.

“We want Liberian businesses to take advantage of products produced in Egypt to develop and also increase trade with Egypt,” Ambassador Issa said.

The ambassador called on Liberians to visit the YMCA Gym and examine products made in Egypt and also encouraged business owners to accept the challenge to further develop interest in products from Egypt to increase trade.

He noted that approximately 60 Liberians are sponsored to study in various universities in Cairo, Egypt, every year.

The 16-day exhibition (May 20-5 June) is showcasing products such as watches, rugs, women and men’s attires, jewelry, among others, the organizers said, are on sale at affordable prices.

The trade fair is organized by Pharo Egyptian Exhibition Organization, under manager Yehia Eldakak, who told journalists that the Egyptian products on display are of the best quality.

He said he has held similar exhibitions in several African countries, and that the Monrovia exhibition was due to a promise made to the Liberian Embassy in Sierra Leone.

“Our having this exhibit is to also show to Liberians the wide range of products that they need to know we produce in Egypt,” Eldakak said.

Mr. Lassanah A. Keita, a Foreign Service officer, and former Charge d‘Affairs at the Liberian Embassy in Cairo, said the objective of the trade fair is to encourage foreign businesses into Egypt with the hope that local business owners can strike some arrangements to be able to get such products on the Liberian market.

“We want to promote trade with Egypt and we are pleased with the good products at the exhibition and hope our people can take advantage of what (Egypt) can offer them today and in the future,” Keita said.


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