Burglary at GT Bank in Ganta

Front view of the GT Bank in Ganta City, Nimba County.

--- Three private security officers detained

The Ganta Detail of the Liberia National Police, is investigating an alleged burglary at the Guaranty Trust Bank in Ganta.

The police, on Monday, September 6, 2021, said they were informed by the Bank Security Chief, Francis T. Lonfay, that at about 1:48 a.m., some unidentified men broke into the bank from the back.

From the police investigation, it was observed that the two unidentified men managed to destroy the pre-vault in an attempt to get away with cash, but unfortunately they did not succeed in taking any money.  However, bank documents that were stockpiled in a bag were reportedly damaged.

The management of the bank is yet to comment on the situation, despite efforts applied to get words from the branch manager, Terrina Dolo Pojar. Police investigation revealed that the two unidentified men, who were caught on the CCTV, wore face masks and they used a steel cutter to cut the iron door before entering the bank from the back.

Upon entering the bank, the criminals accordingly disconnected the CCTV cameras and attempted to make their way to where they thought they could get money, but were unsuccessful in achieving their goals. The police investigation shows that the crime of burglary actually took place, though no money was taken.

The perpetrators reportedly used weapons such as a pin bar, giant-sized chisel, sharp long iron, and two comforter bed sheets as well as the welder oxygen tank. The bank is manned by the Corporate Guard Security Services.  Three of the security officers on duty at the time of the incident, Albert Zamay, Junior Nyan, and James Quoigbo Jr., are currently in police custody under the charge of 'Negligence on duty.'

The GT Bank Ganta branch is located opposite the Monrovia-bound parking, adjacent to the Lucky Pharmacy.  At the back is a swamp and the entire building is fenced, but how the criminal entered the fence to access the building remains a mystery, which the police are investigating to establish the facts. The GT Bank branch experienced a similar situation four years ago, although there is no indication that the perpetrators were arrested.