BRYF Cancels 5K Peace, Unity Run Tournament Because of COVID-19

BRYF CEO, Bill Rogers (2nd from right) and staff members at their 17st Street Office

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) has canceled the third edition of its 5K Peace and Unity Run that was scheduled for Saturday, July 24, 2021.

The BRYF is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2004. Since its existence, it has been partnering, inviting, training, and initiating several sporting events including its annual 5K Race. 

The organization is also involved in agriculture and other projects in many parts of Liberia.

Speaking to journalists upon his return from the United States of America; the Founder of the BRYF, Mr. Bill Rogers, calls for a moment of reflection for all those who have lost their lives especially during the third wave of the pandemic. 

“I’m here to impart life and not to destroy life. Also, I am here to respect the protocols of the government through the Health Ministry,” Mr. Rogers said. 

“We are in a crisis and we have to help and not to bring injuries to the crisis. The race can be held anytime but we don’t want to lose the people who are going to be in the race to run –we just have to pray because the COVID-19 is serious and so we have to give the awareness for people to wear their masks and protect themselves from the virus.”

“If we do not protect our young people and we let this crisis go out of hand, it is going to be very dangerous for our country,” he added.

Rogers, a Liberian international track athlete based in the USA, also appreciates all of the volunteers and executive members of the BRYF for the level of support they have given the third edition of the 5K Race.

Mr. Rogers did not say when the new date will be but added that his organization will wait on the approval of the health authority before coming up with a new date.

“Fellow Liberians, our registered runners, schools we reached out to, and sponsors. I and my team want to let you know that we have done all to host this 3rd edition of the 5K Race this coming Saturday. We wrote to the Ministry of Justice for a permit, and we were sent to the Ministry of Health for a Health Safety Permit since race is a form of exercise. 

On the contrary, we are yet to receive the permit from the Health Authorities. We want to save our team, our volunteers, the citizenry, and to observe the health protocols. We want to hereby announce to the public that the race is hereby postponed until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, he added.