Boss Army Music Signs L$1.7M Deal With “Raven”

Boss Army Music (BAM) has signed a three-year record deal valued at L$1.7 million with an emerging and promising artist, Eddie Roberts, (stage name: ‘Raven’).

In an effort to develop and improve young talents in the entertainment industry of Liberia, Boss Army Music (BAM) has signed a three-year record deal valued at L$1.7 million with an emerging and promising artist, Eddie Roberts, (stage name: ‘Raven’).

Raven, who signed the deal on Monday, May 31, 2021, at the City Garden Bar and Restaurant in Sinkor, has become the first Liberian artist to sign a deal with BAM, a US-based Liberian record label.

Operated by its chief executive officer (CEO), Mr. Dell Davies, BAM was established in January of 2021. The company also has a clothing line based in New York, the United States of America, that is popular mainly within the Liberian community.

Speaking at the official presentation and signing ceremony on behalf of CEO Davies, BAM Local Manager, Arnold W.D. Lablah said the record label is familiar with the artist, and the company also has the expertise, abilities, industry contacts and resources to work with the artist in forwarding his career.

Mr. Lablah, who is also known as King Sokoloko, said the record label will help the Liberian entertainment industry because “We have few record labels around here that are doing their best, but we need a record label that can stand up to be able to compete with record labels from Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of Africa and around the world.”

“So, today we are going to be unveiling our artist, but Boss Army will also be partnering with the County Sports Meet in subsequent times. We want to showcase the brand to the Liberian populace,” he added.

The signing, according to him, is for three years and Liberians should expect nothing but the best from the young artist.

“The agreement signed by the artist and BAM will see a very good working environment for the artist and will help to improve the entertainment sector in Liberia,” Manager Lablah intoned. 

He added that Raven is very great and, by June 2021, he will be releasing his first single through Boss Army Music.

Lablah disclosed that the record label will provide sponsorship for some club football teams this year, where they will be wearing the brand. This, he said, will be the company's own way of contributing to Liberia, as well as the CEO, Mr. Dell Davies, who is also very passionate about giving back to his country.

“We want to deal with up-and-coming artists. We don’t want to go for artists that have already been made; we want to make our own artists -- take you from the scratch. So, our artist that we are going to be unveiling today is somebody that came from the background of Big Brabee Liberia (BBL). If you all can recall that during that event he was a brand. Trust me, these songs are all classic and international standard and definitely, we are going to take over the entertainment industry in Liberia.”

This artist, he said, is going to change the face of Liberian entertainment. He will be branded to the fullest and all should expect the best from him.

He said the agreement also states that the artist agrees to fully conduct himself in the manner that positively reflects that of the company’s code of conduct.

For his part, Eddie Roberts (Raven), expressed great joy to be signed by Boss Army Music.

According to him, he has no regret of being a part of BAM Records as he looks forward to growth in his music career.

“I am very happy to be signed today with BAM. This brand is a brand that seeks to overtake Liberian fashion and also venture into taking care of Liberian artists as well as branding,” Roberts said.

He reiterated that he was happy to sign with BAM because he had been signing and not many people have grown or expressed interest in his career. “But thank God for BAM, who took a chance with me and today, I am here signing with them.”

According to Roberts, BAM is not only creating a brand of an artist, but also a feeling for Liberians to take ownership of their entertainment industry and showcase a new side of music.

He concluded, “So, the whole goal is to change the industry and change the way we, Liberians, look at music and to put our music on the world map.”