BlueCrest Awards Scholarships to 30 Undergrad Students

Scholarship beneficiaries and officials of BlueCrest pose for a photo

BlueCrest University, one of Liberia’s premier Information Technology (IT) Universities, has provided scholarships for 30 undergraduates ahead of the 2022/2023 academic year.

The 30 students, all of whom are 2020 and 2021 high school graduates, were selected among 74 applicants who sat for an evaluation test conducted on January 22, 2022.

The scholarship beneficiaries will enroll at the University to pursue their undergraduate degrees in IT and Business Administration.

Titled the “Let’s Make Liberia Great (LMLG) Scholarship,” the scholarship is intended to support students in pursuing BSC in IT and the BBA as a “heartful mandate for supporting the Pro-Poor Agenda of the Liberian government.”

The top six performing students were awarded a 100 percent scholarship, while the next top 10 ranking students received a 50 percent and the remaining 14 students received 25 percent.

Dr Umesh Neelakantan, President of the University, reaffirmed BlueCrest’s higher education interventions as transparent and progressive. He also confirmed that BlueCrest has set a vision for making Liberia as the Educational hub of Africa.

“BlueCrest Liberia has followed the interventional path of progress, contribution and support for the Republic of Liberia since its inception in 2014. Eight years down the line, the existence of BlueCrest purely rests on imparting quality education to interest stakeholders of this country. To continue its great interest through the motto ‘Education for Life,’ 30 selected students were offered Let's Make Liberia Great Scholarship. 

“BlueCrest Liberia has contemplated enhancing the spirit of higher education and also has expanded the scope of higher education to all interested subsets of humanity in Liberia. 

“The scholarship sets the agenda of BlueCrest Liberia’s vision to make Liberia rich and great through the best learning portfolio backups. The Let’s Make Liberia Great Scholarship will be offered every year from BlueCrest end,” Dr. Neelakantan said.

Joram Morris, dux of the exam, lauded the school for the opportunity and, on behalf of his colleagues, promised to live up to the expectation of the institution and their parents. 

“I saw the opportunity on the school website and took advantage of it and am happy to be among the six students who have won 100 percent scholarship to attend BlueCrest University for the next four years,” Morris said.