Blue Crest University Awards Employees

Blue Crest University President Umesh Neelakantan (center) in a group photo with honoured employees and other staff of the University

The Administration of the Blue Crest University Saturday, December 18, awarded 12 of its employees for their commitment and dedication to service for the 2021 calendar year.

Every year, the University awards a select number of employees in recognition of their efforts demonstrated towards the successful operation of the University. It is also used to motivate employees and reinforce desired behaviour.

Those honoured include James F. Kawah, Jr (Employee of the Year) and Antoinette Boehme of the Academic Support and Coordination Department, Momo D. Morris, Jr, Rihanat Saeed and Prince M. Oguche, all of whom are Faculty Members.

Others include J. Melvin Harris and Christopher Gayflor, Rachel Doemah and Vanson Karteh from the Marketing, Finance and Admission  Departments, respectively.

The rest are Barnes M. Carter and Patience Davis from Sanitation and Paye B. Parker, a Driver.

Saturday’s event, which was held at the University’s new campus in Congo Town, was graced by family members and loved ones of the honorees.

Dr. Umesh Neelakantan, President of the University congratulated the employees on their recognition and said that the importance of a Human Resource Department at any institution or organization cannot be overemphasised, as its is always an honour to employees who have a vested interest in making theirs and others’ works more efficient.

The University currently has 65 employees and has continued to provide higher education to hundreds of students since 2015.

As part of the Ministry of Health’s recent COVID-19 vaccine restrictions, Dr. Neelakantan said the University is fully cooperating with the Ministry as 95 percent of the University’s employees have been vaccinated.