Bishop Simpson Honored for Advancing Education in Liberia

Bishop Dr. Leo Simpson, the founder of Haywood Mission Institute, has received a medal of distinct honor and a check of L$100,000 from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Weltona Christain High School and Group of Companies in Paynesville for his enduring dedication to the advancement of education in Liberia.  

Dr. Simpson is a renowned educator who began his career in the 1970s. Many have referred to him as a disciplinarian. The Haywood School is one of the oldest institutions in Liberia.  

According to Dr. Isaac Peters, founder of the Weltona Group of Companies, Dr. Simpson is one of the few individuals helping young people excel academically.  

“We have come today to give honorable Dr. Leo M. Simpson, the educator, his flowers,” he said. “Thank you, sir,” he continued.

“We gave you this medal of honor and 100,000 Liberian dollars to continue to contribute to the educational sector.”

Dr. Peters recalled that he lived behind the school when he was a young child and that he wanted to go there but was unable to do so since his parents couldn't pay the tuition.

“This is my very first time to be in Haywood Mission School currently. I am 52 years old, and I never had the opportunity to attend this school. I was living right behind this school.  I have heard and I prayed that one day God should give me the opportunity to attend this school, but my parents were not in the financial capacity to pay the fees.”

He urged the pupils to become change agents and to take their studies seriously in order to aid in Liberia's development. 

“With all of these academic achievements, I won’t feel comfortable if my academic achievement is not commensurate with the life around me.”

He asserts that many educated individuals do not make a difference in their communities.  

“There is somebody who has lived their life, who has created, and who has impacted so much life. Bishop Simpson has lived his entire life, and today Liberia and Liberia can be proud of him.”

Receiving the medal and the check, Dr. Simpson thanked the team and the school, including the staff and students, for recognizing his work.

He dedicated the recognition to his wife, who is based in the United States of America.

“Wow, on behalf of my wife, who is currently in the United States and has labored and continues to labor with me from January 17, 1978, up to the present. Someone who is not from this nation and from this continent.” “She has given her life to the education of the young people of this country. Unrelentingly, she has work.”

“I wish she was here to share in this tremendous and indescribable award. I want to thank you, sir, and all the members of staff and the students.”