Updated Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Healthcare Waste Management Plan (HWMP)

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In line with the Environmental Regulations of Liberia and in compliance with the World Bank policy on disclosure of information, the Ministry of Health is pleased to announce to the public and all stakeholders that the final report for the updated ESMF and the HWMP for the REDISSE Project are now available. The REDISSE project targets all fifteen counties in Liberia and supports both human health and animal health activities.

Brief Project Description

The Objective of the Project is to: (i) to strengthen national and regional cross-sectoral capacity for collaborative disease surveillance and epidemic preparedness in West Africa, thereby addressing systemic weaknesses within the animal and human health systems that hinder effective disease surveillance and response; and (ii) in the event of an Eligible Emergency, to provide immediate and effective response to said Eligible Emergency.

The project has five main components and various sub-components to support its implementation in alignment with the One Health Platform. The REDISSE project is being implemented by the Ministry of Health, National Public Health Institute of Liberia and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The ESMF and HCWMP were developed to provide measures to minimize adverse effects on the biophysical and social-economic environment during the implementation of the REDISSE project.

The ESMF is a live document which addresses management issues on a broad scale; that is, it sets up the principles, rules, guidelines and procedures to assess the environmental and social impacts of the project. It also provides immediate guidance to mitigate potential environmental impacts and concerns and devises opportunities to enhance the benefits therefrom. The framework integrates in a step-wise approach the most important environmental and social consideration into all stages of project preparation, implementation, monitoring and operations, and it is applicable to all projects funded by the World Bank.

The HWMP provides opportunities for healthcare workers and health facilities to prevent, reduce and mitigate the likely risk of transmission of infections that can be generated within health facilities. The plan provides feasible options of applying the best available environmental practices within both health facilities and communities in order to improve and safeguard public health and realize a sustainable safe environment.

Display Centers

The ESMF and HWMP will be published on MOH, NPHIL and World Bank websites respectively. Hard copies shall be made available to key stakeholders and other parties.

Contact Details: Menitoyan J. Dolo, Environmental & Social Safeguard Officer, WB Project Implementation Unit(PIU), Ministry of Health; Cell # 0888012295/0775476050; Email: [email protected]; Matthew T.K. Flomo, Project Manager,  Project Implementation Unit(PIU), World Bank Funded Health Portfolio, Ministry of Health; Email: [email protected] ; Cell: 0886459130, 0777459130; Attny. Tomik Vobah, Legal Counsel, MOH; Cell # 0886582394, 0777299808, Email: [email protected] .

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