Healthcare Federation of Liberia – Program Manager


Program Manager 

Healthcare Federation of Liberia (HFL) is a membership-based organization of businesses and professional and institutional associations working in private sector healthcare in Liberia. HFL’s members are for-profit and not-for-profit non-governmental institutions representing various fields within healthcare. HFL is the first point of contact for interaction with the private health sector.

The goal of the HFL is to be a unifying body that advocates for an enabling private health sector environment towards the achievement of high-quality, affordable healthcare for the people of Liberia.

As HFL establishes a strong Secretariat, HFL is seeking to recruit a Program Manager whose work plan is determined by the decisions of the board and federation committees surrounding the activities of the federation. The Program Manager will be hired for 2 (two) years which may be renewed, and will:

  • Coordinate activities and programs associated with the development and management of HFL
  • Coordinate the activities and programs of HFL’s Board
  • Serve as the Head of Secretariat of HFL and ensure appropriate action is taken on resolutions and directives emanating from the Board.
  • Oversee the execution of decisions of the board and federation committees including the implementation of all HFl project work
  • Liaise between HFL leadership and its project partners to ensure that the interests, aims and expectations of the private health sector are adequately represented during project implementation.
  • Coordinate preparation of annual work plans and budget of HFL
  • Undertake mobilization of HFL’s strategic resources required to support the development of HFL through a mix of fund-raising strategies and lead HFL staff in all fundraising and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Identify resource requirements, research funding sources, establish strategies to approach funders, submit proposals and administer fundraising records and documentation in collaboration with the Grants and Business Development lead within the board of directors.
  • Facilitate mission visits of development partners
  • Maintain adequate communication channels between the HFL, its public health sector partners at MOH/various regulatory bodies and its other non-health private sector partners, such as the Liberia Chamber of Commerce
  • Establish and nurture key partnerships with various stakeholders’ inter alia international and regional agencies, multilateral and bilateral development partners, state agencies and non-governmental organizations and eminent persons that would assist in the development of HFL. These could be regional, continent-wide federations and official federation partners such as FOASPS/WAPHF, AHF, AU, WAHO etc
  • Raise the profile of the HFL and enhance its image among various stakeholders in the country and at international level in terms of its vision, mission and objectives and its capacity to deliver expected results.
  • Lead HFL operations and ensure efficient management of HFL’s resources including development and maintenance of relevant policies, procedures and operational strategies and control systems for the management of HFL resources.
  • Conduct periodical appraisal of the HFL program to ensure that program implementation is in accordance with HFL’s Vision and Mission.
  • Prepare various reports and working documents for submission to the HFL governing structures and development partners.
  • Oversee the preparation of HFL position papers as may be necessary from time to time, determined by the board.
  • Isolate and resolve administrative bottlenecks in progress reports from committees, working groups, consultants and Secretariat staff and act on follow-up recommendations.
  • Oversee the procurement of goods and services and ensure proper management of HFL’s assets.
  • Lead the recruitment and supervision of all other HFL staff?
  • Ensure compliance to local laws, regulations, and audit requirements and risk management plans, including financial and other reporting requirements as dictated by respective stakeholders.
  • Drive membership recruitment, engagement and retention


Proven experience in managing diverse stakeholders inter alia government institutions, development partners, local communities, private sector. (S)/he must have practical experience and political understanding in networking with high-level government, donor and NGO officials.

Ability to lead and manage others with integrity based on strategic direction, team work and core values.

Demonstrated experience in strategic and program planning and provision of technical support to team members.

Demonstrable ability to manage the HFL Secretariat based on clear objectives; allocate resources according to organizational priorities in a complex environment.

Demonstrable ability for excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Ability to defend and explain difficult issues on key HFL programs to a myriad of stakeholders.

Demonstrated managerial and supervisory capability with an ability to provide clear and compelling direction and ability to empower others to translate vision into results.

Ability to establish and maintain relationships with a broad range of stakeholders.

Proven ability to build organizational capacity through resource mobilization, partnership development, staff recruitment and talent management.


An MBA or postgraduate university degree in Public Health Sciences

5 years working experience, preferably at a senior management position in reputable national or international organizations. Management experience in private health sector in Liberia and preferably in both private and public sector.



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