Barclayville Central High School Gets ‘US$30K, L$3.4M’ for Renovation’

Barclayville Central High School

The administration of Barclayville Central High School in Grand Kru County has received US$30,000 and L$3,452,000 to repair the much-depilated school, which has a population of over 500 students.

The school has in the past suffered some bad and deplorable conditions, worsening by leakage in the roofs, and lack of a better learning environment for students. Its administrators have complained that during rainy days, normal academic activities are disrupted due to the poor state of the schools.

But such conditions might soon be in the past as cheques for the renovations now given to the school administration headed by the principal, Paul Wallace. The cheques were presented by the Deputy Speaker, Chief of Office Staff Hilary Koffa.

According to Koffa, the cheques were made available following the interventions of his, boss  Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, with the Central Government for the improvement of the education system in the country. The funds he said were made possible through budgetary allocations.

“May this US$30,000 and L$3,420,000 be used wisely for its intended purpose for a comprehensive renovation at the Barclayville Central High School.”  

“We want to thank the Executive, especially, the President, H.E. Dr. George M. Weah,”  Hilary intoned.

In September 2020, the Deputy Speaker, Rep. J. Fonati Koffa wrote the House’s Plenary indicating that he will be prepared to vote for the passage of the FY 2020/2021 Fiscal Budget if his colleagues accept his amendment to be included in the budget before passage.

In his amendment, Rep. Koffa sought an allocation of US$300,000 for the renovation of Sasstown High School and Barclayville Central High School. “This amount is necessary to prevent the collapse of the already deteriorating structure and enable hundreds of students to have access to quality education,” he said.

In response, after issuing receipt of receiving the two cheques, Wallace expressed his thanks and appreciation to President George M. Weah and Deputy Speaker Koffa for the money of which he said will be used for the upliftment and renovation of the Barclayville Central High School.

"On behalf of the administration, instructional staff, students, and parents, we say thank you," Mr. Wallace indicated.

In a related development, Cllr.  Koffa has paid US$5,411 to settle the full tuition of 63 needy students at the William V. S. Tubman University in Maryland  County. 

According to the office of the Deputy Speaker, financial aid is intended to encourage young people who have considered education the best option to remain in college and become productive citizens tomorrow.

The Grand Kru County District #2 Representative and Deputy Speaker of the 54th Legislature, intimated that the current scholarship opportunities at the Tubman University in Maryland County for Grand Kru students will gradually increase especially when students endeavor to improve their grades.

The payment of the US$5,411 is in fulfillment of another commitment to students from Grand Kru County, as recently, more than US$7,000 was also paid fòr scholarships of students attending secondary schools in Grand Kru County.

All of the scholarship students hailed from Grand Kru County.

“This is just the beginning of the assistance program. We intend to increase the number to a higher level and later include other higher institutions of learning in the program so that our students can better focus on their lessons than hustling pocket money. We know how challenging things are and the best option for young people to do is to engage in education so that our country will move in the right direction,” the office said.

In a press release, the office of the Deputy Speaker said the scholarship is aimed to offset tuition in order to ease the financial burden of parents and students; while parents or students will only be responsible to pay for additional costs.