Aware International School System Holds Agricultural Exhibition

Students of Aware International School System, an Indian-run institution located on the GSA Road, in Paynesville, on Friday, March 22 held a day-long Science-cum-Art and Agricultural Exhibition.

The event was attended by students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. 

The theme of this year’s exhibition was ‘Agriculture for Self-Reliance’. Students from all grades participated in the exhibition, which presented a wide range of vegetable products, produced in a variety of ways, including cabbage, and pepper, among others.

It is inspiring to see such a diverse range of agricultural practices being taught and implemented, as it not only fosters a sense of self-sufficiency but also promotes sustainable development and environmental stewardship

The hard work and determination of these students are a testament to the potential for growth and success in agriculture in the country and serve as a model for anyone looking to invest in their agricultural programs.

Both P. Fulton Blasin, Assistant Minister for Agriculture, and Clifford Konah, Assistant Minister for Teacher Education at the Ministry of Education, visited each of the students’ exhibits, carefully inspecting what they had produced. 

Ministers Blasin and Konah were notably impressed with the students’ agricultural abilities as they took in the luxuriant vegetation that filled the hall.

In his remarks, guest speaker Blasin, as proxy for Agriculture Minister Dr. J. Alexander Nuetah, praised the administration for instilling in students a profound reverence for agriculture, imparting knowledge about cultivation methods.

Emphasizing President Joseph Boakai’s commitment to farmers, he noted the government will remove impediments to investment and ensure better realization for farmers by attracting investment and making the agriculture sector more competitive.

“We are committed as a government to devising a legal framework through establishing market linking to make it easier for farmers to engage with processors, aggregators, larger retailers, and exporters fairly and transparently,” the guest speaker disclosed.

To achieve this, he maintained that his ministry has already launched the University and Community College’s agriculture farms at the University of Liberia.

“We will ensure that all Public Universities and Community Colleges have agriculture farms where students will have practical agricultural knowledge upon graduation,” the Minister noted. “We must do it differently this time around.”

Meanwhile, the guest speaker assured the school of his ministry’s preparedness to work with it in the establishment of an agricultural club.

“We will also support the establishment of agricultural clubs in your school and all schools nationwide,” Blasin assured the students.

The exhibition saw the attendance of numerous parents and was a huge success. The students, teachers, parents, and management were all elated with the event's outcome.