.... Rev. Dr. J. Edwin Lloyd Launches Prolific Book to Chronicle his Life Experiences

An audience from all backgrounds in the United States and around the world gathered over the weekend to join Rev. Dr. J. Edwin Lloyd Sr. in the official launching ceremony of his book, “In the Army of the Lord – The Power of Prayer and Fasting as Weapons.”

The event held in Silver Spring, Maryland USA brought together an array of distinguished well-wishers including leading clergymen, and former government officials who lionized the veteran Baptist preacher in illuminating remarks highlighting his relentless struggles over the years in the cause of human rights, dignity, and progress in Liberia. In his official statement launching the book, Dr. Lloyd explained that the decision to document his life experiences was inspired by the harrowing experiences and the challenges he managed to overcome though the “power of prayer and fasting” which he described as the cardinal weapons in the battles of life.

He cautioned his audience, most specifically the younger generation, to exude the noble ideals of forgiveness as a path to a more balanced and clear-minded future. Joining him in the launching ceremony was his wife of 58 years, Mrs. Emma Mitchell Lloyd, who he praised for her unflinching support as an anchor and partner in his life’s journey. 

“In the Army of the Lord” captures the prolific life experiences of Rev, Dr. Lloyd, an international humanitarian who rose from the ranks of an accomplished military officer to become a leading clergyman in a nation consumed by conflict. It sheds light on the power of prayer, fast, and faith as indispensable weapons in battling the forces of adversity in a determined quest to fulfil God's purpose. In a series of captivating narratives of his life's journey through torturous imprisonment and the bitter scourge of war, through every page, the author offers an array of glaring manifestations of divine intervention in the fulfilment of his challenging quest to carry the torch of the Lord through service to humanity.

Rev. Dr. J. Edwin Lloyd Sr., a former Chaplain General of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) was incarcerated at the notorious Camp Belleh Yallah in Lofa County, an erstwhile maximum security military prison for his public rebuke of summary executions in the immediate aftermath of the 1980 coup d’etat in Liberia. He is a renowned Liberian clergyman with international acclaim as a humanitarian and statesman. He is a former President of the Liberian National Red Cross, and the first Director-General of the National Bureau of Veterans Affairs of Liberia.

He is also a highly recognized leader within the clergy of the Liberian Baptist Convention who served as a pioneering figure in the establishment of the Liberian Council of Churches. On the international scene, Dr. Lloyd served as Special Representative of the International Red Cross to the famine stricken regions of Ethiopia and Sudan in 1985, and became the leading figure of the Red Cross Societies in Africa. He is the recipient of several international awards including the International Red Cross highest – the Henry Dunant Medal for distinguished services to humanity. In 1990 at the onset of the Liberian civil war, he called for immediate peace talks to avert the threat of prolonged warfare and bloodshed. Regrettably his call was not heeded as he was vehemently condemned by the Samuel Doe government with threats to his life. Later in 1990, he went on to  establish the HUB Ministries International in neighboring Ivory Coast which provided relief to hundreds of thousands of Liberian refugees during the years of the prolonged Liberian civil war. 

Among special guests at the event which blended a live and virtual audience were Dr. D. Elwood Dunn, an author and former Liberian cabinet official, former Liberian Ambassador Dr. James Teah Tarpeh, and former Finance Minister G. Alvin Jones. They were joined by a host of internationally recognized Liberian clergymen including Bishop Dr. Darlingston Johnson of the Harvest Intercontinental Ministries (formerly Bethel World), Rev. Dr. Genevieve E. R. Garnett, Rev. Dr. Lincoln Brownell, former leader of the Liberian Baptist Convention, and Rev. A. Momolue Diggs, former Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church. The recently released book “in the Army of the Lord - The Power of Prayer and Fasting as Weapons” by Rev. Dr. J. Edwin Lloyd Sr. is available on major publication outlets including Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.