Appoint, Not Disappoint

There is still plenty talk about GOL appointments to the point where it is clouded with disappointments. The appointments turn into disappointments when the Rule of Law is not followed. For example, the is he tenure problem. Many persons are getting appointed and are sent an office to be Officer-in Charge (OIC) when there is nothing in the Law that calls for OIC. But the prevailing powers that be say that such is a part of good governance.

Good governance is about changing the bad into the good. This is why it is called good governance. The governance of any institution can be good when persons working with the institution are chosen on the basis of their good records. Therefore, it is bad to chose any person for a position who has served a sentence for being a rogue. It is bad to remove a rogue from one position and place him/her in another position. To do such is to promote the prevailing corruption.

To promote the prevailing corruption i to promote the prevailing poverty that has now become the pretext for violence. The violence has taken on the forms of coup d'etat and civil war in Liberia and in other countries. The experience with these forms of violence in Liberia has taken the lives of over 300,000 people and injured many more people. Due to this experience, the people of Liberia have concluded that Liberia is headed in the wrong direction (Afrobarometer, 2022). 

The new direction of the the new State regime is the wrong direction. It is the wrong direction because it promotes corruption and poverty. Logs continue to be exported while Liberian students continue to sit on bare floors at schools. National Legislators continue to have access to at least LD200,000 a day and their foreign partners have access to at least LD300,000,000 a day while nearly all of the people of Liberia have access to at most less than LD300 a day (The Annual reports of CBL, LISGIS. MFDP, MCI, WB, IMF, ADB and UNDP).

The right direction calls for the use of awareness raising for helping to solve the problems non-violently, through the Rule of Law. The right direction calls for the change of the bad Legislators. The right direction calls for relevant action like the action taken to remove almost all of the Legislators who wanted to be re-elected. It is through the transformation of the prevailing unfair electoral system into the enduring fair electoral system that the removal of bad national decision makers can take place. With the transformation of the unfair electoral system, through awareness raising, persons with good records can be elected to bring in the system of Justice, the indispensable ingredient for Peace and Progress in Liberia and in any other country.