Another PLP Stalwart Booted

PLP deuty secretary-general, David Beyan

The political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, along with Executive Members of the Organizing Committee (OC), has suspended the acting secretary-general of the party, David Beyan for shooting himself and lying that he was attacked by unknown men.

This is the second ranking official of the PLP within a week that has faced strict disciplinary measures by the PLP's Organizing Committee. The first person was former acting party chairman, Wilmot Paye, who was also suspended initially, and eventually ejected from his position and from the party altogether.

It may be recalled that some weeks ago, Beyan complained to the public that he was attacked by unknown men along the Kakata Highway, a statement that heightened already prevailing perceptions of insecurity in the country, implicating the sitting government.

Currently, many people are living in fear because of the discoveries of dead bodies in urban, suburban and rual parts of the country, a development that has opposition leaders lambasting President George Weah for either not saying or not doing much to address the situation.

Amid this unusual development, authorities of the Liberia National Police have responded, saying that the opposition and some others who do not want to see the George Weah Administration succeed are devising these evil acts to tarnish the reputation of the government. 

Speaking on ELBC on Wednesday, September 29, during an interview with the Liberia’s National Police IG, it was reported that based on findings of the ongoing investigation, Mr. Beyan previously told one of the nurses at the JFK that he accidentally shot himself in the left leg. 

It was further reported by the IG that Mr. Beyan has now recanted his initial claim of being shot by armed robbers. The firearm used in the incident was found within the proximity of 20th Street Sinkor and is currently in possession of the LNP, as Mr. Beyan is being charged with illegal possession of a firearm and providing false information to law enforcement officers.     

Responding to these findings, Dr. Cassell immediately distanced the PLP from Mr. Beyan and the incident, saying: “Today, I come to you in response to a very alarming news that has been circulating on several media outlets, which has to do with a shooting incident involving an executive member of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), the Acting Secretary General Mr. David Beyan, which incident occurred within his private time as a private citizen, and in no way, shape or form has anything to do with the PLP whatsoever!” 

It was reported that Mr. Beyan was shot by armed robbers in an unknown location in the vicinity of Kakata and was subsequently taken to the JFK Hospital in Monrovia, where he was treated and discharged after a couple of days for continuation of care at home. 

“Considering the severity of these alleged findings at this juncture of the investigation by the Liberia National Police (LNP); as a government in waiting and a party that conforms to the laws and constitution of the Republic of Liberia, the Executive Members of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) strongly condemns this alleged violation of the law and do hereby suspend Mr. David Beyan from the position of Acting National Secretary General of the PLP for time indefinite, as these alleged behaviors are in direct violation of the PLP’s norms, core values and code of conduct,” said Dr. Cassell. 

He concluded that further actions shall be determined by the Executive Members of the OC upon the conclusion of the LNP’s investigation. 

This current development involving a PLP member alludes to comments by Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue that the opposition is involved with spreading falsehood, with the sole intent to see the Weah Administration fail.

The PLP political leader’s decision came on the heels of an earlier statement he released, blasting the government for the wave of mysterious killings in the country without a word from the President.

As his partisan becomes one who is connected to the assumption made by the Police Inspector General, Dr. Cassell and his PLP stand now to bear the guilt of causing problems for the George Weah Administration.