Achaabor Tuloe, Achaabor

Emmanuel Tuloe, the commercial motorcyclist who found and returned the bag of US$50,000 and L$100K intact. 

During this week, a 19 year-old Liberian named Emmanuel Tuloe, who works as a Motorcycle Driver, found a bag with USD50,000 and LD100,000 inside the bag and he returned the bag intact to the rightful owner of the bag.  I am over 80 years of age and have been to countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe but I have never seen or heard of any honest action as the one done by the youthful Liberian Emmanuel Tuloe. So, this Commentary comes to give Honor to whom Honor is due. This Commentary comes to give Honor to the youthful Emmanuel Tuloe of Glaie, Nimba County, Liberia.

The title of this Commentary comes from the Kissi language, with the word Achaabor, meaning you have done well. Yes, young Emmanuel Tuloe, you have done well, as based on the world class record of what you have done.  Some persons, upon learning about this Commentary, said to me that I should have used a word from one of the Nimba languages, instead of using Kissi, which is a language from Lofa County.

I told the person to stop insulting me because I am of one Liberian Body with many parts, one County part connected to the other in Liberian Unity. Therefore, any Liberian language can be used to represent Liberia and the youthful Tuloe has done something that represents Liberia well. Other persons, heard me talking about the youthful Tuloe and said that I was wasting my time talking about a boy, especially a motorcyclist, instead of talking about some older important person. I told them that the main thing to share is spiritual and not material. The youthful Tuloe is poor materially but rich spiritually by his honest action of returning all of the money..

The Parents of young Tuloe named him well. From the Book of Prophet Isaiah in The Bible, Chapter Seven, we learn about Emmanuel, the Son of God, called mainly Jesus Christ. Then Tuloe in Mahn, one of the languages of Nimba County, means mushroom, which speaks of the mushrooming of fruitful ideas that carry us forward for the better, not forgetting that mushroom is a vegetable that is beneficial for our health when eaten. Thank God for good Parents,

The good news about young Tuloe comes in the wake of the bad news about motorcyclists stealing bags of money, burning places, breaking traffic rules and even injuring and killing people. But the good news about the Motorcyclist Tuloe means that we must not blame every motorcyclist for the bad action of some motorcyclists. Just like all people, there are bad people and there are good people.

Remember that the Tuloe news is really good news, considering that we are living in a Liberia where the “powers that be” and their foreign partners are money-driven in a web of corruption. We go forward for the better with only the good news while learning from the bad news.

We learn that following the bad news leads to violence, which is not good for everybody. We go forward only when we share the good news in ways that motivate people to take actions through the Rule of Law to let Justice prevail for All.