Abrahamic Temple Diocese Begins Empowerment Mission in Liberia

(From left) Elijah Benson with Abrahamic Diocese Bishop and Mrs. Samuel Hampton, Walker and Bishop Chealy

— Concludes first international convention in the country

Abrahamic Temple Diocese (ADT), a global organization based in the United States of America has embarked on a mission in Liberia which aims to intertwine Gospel delivery with economic viability for Christ believing congregations and leaders.

The head of the visiting team of the ADT, Samuel Hampton II told the Daily Observer upon arrival into the country that their christian organization is set to “replicate” in Liberia economic empowerment noticeable in the United States of America and other parts of the world.

According to him, the intent is to contribute to the transformation of the lives of people who believe in Jesus Christ and are doing his work through evangelism.

“We are here in Liberia to empower people to live out the salvation of the Lord. ADT is a gathering of apostolic-minded people, people from every denomination based on the word of God. It is not just about being a part of a denomination but believing in the teachings of Christ and living them through good deeds,” Bishop Hampton said.

Hampton is the Assistant Presiding Bishop of Abrahamic Temple Diocese; a resident of Ohio, United States of America and head Pastor of First Apostolic Faith Church; The Faith Place.

Hampton, along with his delegation, including his wife, Meranda, was in Liberia to form part of ADT’s first international convention.

He said the November 1-6’s convention is intended to bring together like minded and Christ believing Pastors as well as other Christians from Liberia and other African countries in order to explore ideas that would lead to the establishment of programs aimed at transforming not only spiritual lives but also material lives, too.

“People don’t only need prayers but also economic dollars to improve their living conditions. We put up resources for training and education. We find economic dollars and give to people. We take interest in training people because having money without training makes one not fully capable of knowing how to use the money appropriately,” he noted.

Hampton disclosed that Cannon Bishop Wayne Fitzpatrick started the vision in 2005 and since then, several hundreds of Church leaders around the world are involved in programs aimed at improving the living conditions of people.

“Hopefully in May 2023, we will officially launch our economic company in Liberia. We want to empower Christ-believing Churches and people.  We will connect with people in America and other parts of the world to bring to Liberia resources that we may not have,” he said, adding, “Anybody who lays claim to the name of Jesus is my family member and I should be there to help him or her.”

He concluded by thanking his counterparts in Liberia for the “immense support” to ADT’s programs and he is certain, alongside his friends in America, that Liberia will benefit.

Both Meranda Hampton, wife of Bishop Hampton and Mandy Walker, a friend to the couple, said they came to Liberia alongside Hampton to identify where and how they can be of help in supporting women’s programs.

“Glad that Liberia is such a nice place, it is truly a land of Liberty. We believe that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. We believe and work, making sure that women must be empowered to support men. We have to make sure we are governed by the structure put in place by God for us,” Mrs. Hampton said. 

For Walker, she had never thought about coming to Africa but said that God has called on her to rise up and join others like her friend Meranda and her husband, to support the rise of other people in Gospel ministry as well as economic life.

“I love the people of Liberia already. Love the way they worship. I never had the thought of coming to Africa but the Lord has given me a vision to support good missions of Christ,” she noted.

This trip to Liberia was the first the Hamptons and Walker made to Liberia and each expressed joy that Liberians are receptive to developments and progress.

Bishop Chealy Brown Dennis is the International Bishop of ADT in Liberia. He oversees Liberia and other countries in Africa, including Ghana, Guinea, among others. 

“The arrival of our partners has surpassed my expectations. I am so glad. The chief Apostle and I met on social media in 2018 and since then our friendship has grown into great results. I have been to the US and now they are here. I am happy and I am sure my colleagues feel the same way too,” Dennis said.

Dennis is pastor of Divine International Church of God located in Thinkers village.

He said ADT is now found in sixteen (16) countries in Africa, Guinea, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone and Liberia, noting that at the convention were representatives from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, among others.

 “We are aware of the challenges in the country but integrity, accountability and transparency will be the hallmarks for anyone benefiting from ADT’s programs in Liberia. It will not be a loose charity organization but one guided by principles of good governance and accountability,” Chealy concluded.

ADT is said to be involved in giving money to its members for businesses, education, among others and supports efforts geared towards peaceful coexistence among people.