Liberia Ranks 5th Among ArcelorMittal Operations Worldwide

Mr. Gustavo Gomes, Operations Manager of Arcelor Mittal Worldwide

The operations manager of Arcelor Mittal Gustavo Gomes has said that Liberia ranked fifth among 25 of their mining companies worldwide.

Mr. Gomes made the disclosure in the old mining town of Yekepa on Friday, September 21, and said a study is underway, and when completed will make Liberia become the second, next to Canada in ore production.

He said ArcelorMittal is operating in 60 countries around the world, including the United States, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Bosnia, Canada, and Brazil.

Gomes said the company has about 300,000 employees worldwide, with about 160,000 of them below 20 years old, “meaning the company is very young.”

He did not explain what Liberia stands to benefit in the grading, but boasted that the company provides employment for young people in the country.

VP Taylor (center) with of the staffs and trainees who are excellently performing in the training.

There have been a series of go slow actions at the mine in Yekepa in recent times, where mine workers have demanded better wages, housing and medical facilities.

The action ended with the suspension of some mine workers, who took part in the strike action, but their fate is in limbo.

Despite the modernization of the vocational training center, many parts of Yekepa still lies in ruin, with dwellers still looking for safe drinking water.

Meanwhile the head of the Vocational Training Center in Yekepa, Mr. Dawie Loots has called for a partnership with the Liberian government to run the center and added that the center will soon be recruiting another batch of students.


  1. Liberia ranks 5th, but what does that means to Liberians who works for the company? AML has been in Liberia since 2005, but residential, schools, medical, recreational and office facilities still looks like the war just ended in Liberia.

    Even when we had a Liberian Management in place in both Yekepa and Buchanan when the company was operating as LIMINCO, things look bright for Liberian employees. How can a company in this modern age be paying less than what LAMCO and LIMINCO paid before the war?

    How much would it take to renovate the residential, recreational, medical and educational facilities for employees? AML shouldn’t have a problem doing this at all. At least the structures and foundations are in place. When LAMCO came, there was nothing and they built the whole Concession in five years. Most Liberian workers at AML since 2005 are still operating on contracts, and have no benefits.

    I think its about time for the GOL to rethink it’s partnership with AML if certain conditions are not met that favor Liberians. This is what happens when you have corrupt government officials that take bribes from the highest bidders for their own selfish gains, rather than putting Liberians first. There were reputable companies with excellent records that were interested in this mine, but because they were against or not willing to pay bribes to GOL officials at the time, those officials went with AML. What a shame.

  2. Liberia ranks 5th out of 25 and we have nothing to show for it in Mittal Steel’s areas of operations (Nimba, Bong and Grand Bassa Counties)? Let Mittal just make their money, deplete our resources and get out because our leaders are very stupid!

  3. Hahahaha.. Liberia ranks 5th in stupidity is the title of the article.Until we take stock of turning our raw materials into finished goods, we will always be at the mercy of these institutions that care only about maximizing profit.
    Clap for Liberia because she got double promotion.😙😂😂😂😂


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