3,144 Candidates Pass UL’s Second Entrance Exams

Dr. Moses Zinnah: “Students who are number one in the WAEC exams are given automatic admission to the university."

The Center for Testing and Evaluation (CTE) at the University of Liberia has released its second entrance and placement exam results with at least 3,144 candidates passing successfully. 

The UL second entrance and placement exams were administered on July 31, August 7, 14 and 21, 2021 for undergraduate and graduate programs.

The 2021 second entrance and placement examination results for the Undergraduate Colleges, Straz Sinje, and the College of General Studies fall into five categories which are regular pass, provisional pass, fail, absent, and disqualified.

According to statistics released by the Center for Testing and Evaluation, a total of 6,255 candidates registered for the entrance for Undergraduate, Sinje Vocational College, and the College of General Studies. 

Addressing journalists at a news conference in Monrovia, Moses S.E. Hinneh, Jr., Executive Director of the UL Testing and Evaluation Center, disclosed that of the 6,255 candidates who registered, only 6,097 candidates (97.47%) wrote the entrance exams, out of which 2,739 candidates (44.92%) passed regularly. Meanwhile, 405 candidates (6.64%) passed provisionally, and 2,953 candidates (48.43%) were unsuccessful.

According to Assistant Professor Hinneh, the statistics indicate that only 3,144 candidates (51.57%) made either a Regular Pass or a Provisional Pass and are therefore eligible to apply for admission. 

He said the second entrance results reflect higher performance by female candidates, comprising 1,363 (43.35%) of the total successful candidates. “Additionally, a total of 203 candidates wrote the Graduate School Aptitude Test out of which 131 candidates (64.53%) made a successful pass,” said Hinneh.

Director Hinneh also stated that, at the School of Pharmacy, a total of 31 candidates wrote the Aptitude Test, of which 16 candidates (51.61%) were successful, while 15 or 48.39% were unsuccessful. Of the 16 successful candidates, nine (56.25%) candidates are males while seven (43.75%) are females.

Announcing the results, Assistant Prof. Hinneh said the second entrance exam saw two candidates who performed the best. One of them was Janet Viola Massaquoi from St. Kizito Catholic School who scored 84 in Mathematics and 74 in English, with an average of 79. 

From the first entrance exam, two candidates who performed with highest marks were identified. Maxwell Russel from Noah’s Ark School, scored 92 percent in Mathematics and 77 percent in English, with an average of 85. The other candidate, from the first entrance is a female student from the B.W. Harris High School who obtained 85 average in the exam and is also awaiting her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results.

During announcement of the results, the President of the University of Liberia, Rev. Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., hailed the successful candidates,

particularly the four students who topped the university entrance exams.

“Students who are number one in the WAEC exams are given automatic admission to the university, and so Dr. Moses Zinnah, let me put it on your plate; work with the testing committee and the academic unit. These four students, let us give them VIP treatment for them to come to the university,” Dr. Nelson ordered during the press conference. 

He also expressed delight that, unlike in the past, more candidates are showing interest in enrolling in the Science College due to new programs that have been established there.

“Before, more students went to the Business College, A. Romeo Horton. Now, with other programs that we are adding to the Curriculum of the College of Science and Technology and Environmental Studies, Biodiversity and Climate Change, you see more students going to the College of Science and Technology,” Dr. Nelson said.