160 Receive Diplomat in Computer Science, Technology

One hundred and sixty graduates of the Africa International Institute of Science and Technology (AIIST) have been urged to remain focused, determined and sincere as they get ready to engage the competing job market. 

According to Montserrado County District #9 Representative Frank Saah Foko, many young people have failed to meet their full potentials and desires in their professional area despite their competence and qualifications as a result of insincerity and dishonesty. 

Speaking on Saturday, December 18, 2018, at the 7th Graduation ceremony of the Africa International Institute of Science and Technology located on Benson and Newport Streets intersections, Representative Foko challenged the female-dominated graduates to use the technical knowledge and skills being acquired to positively impact their society and communities, adding that “there is no knowledge acquired goes in vain” 

“There are people who have earned more than two MASTER Degrees from top Universities but these individuals are currently earning their livelihood through skills being obtained from Technical/Vocational Institutions.

“Another thing that’s affecting young people today is that some young people live above their incomes, you can’t be earning One Hundred United States Dollars and you want to live in an apartment that cost One Hundred and fifty dollars monthly, so where are you going to get the extra money, this leads to insincerity, the youthful Montserrado County Lawmaker told the graduates. 

Representative Frank Saah Konneh also reminded the jubilant graduates that once they attach seriousness and integrity to the technical skills being learned at AIIST, they will meet their desired goals and transform the economy of the country.

Representative Foko said with innovations and creativity, the many graduates from technical/vocational institutions as well as Universities can create their own jobs and serve as employers to accommodate other youthful Liberians.

AIIST Chief Executive Officer Kemoh Sekou-Konneh urged the seven (7) graduating class to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the institution.

The over one hundred and sixty graduates received professional Diplomats in Office productivity, Database Development, Software Development among others, while several individuals and institutions received Outstanding Awards for their dedicated and committed services to the institution over the years.