Short Story

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of The US$25,000

Characters in the story
Sam Dwalu—The suspect who cried innocence

Anthony Kollie—The witness whose hostile behavior forced the judge to intervene

Willie Korboi Jones – The musician whose murder drew the attention of the community

James Layman—The prosecutor, who the judge told to let due process find the accused

Jason Doe—Defense Counsel who believed his client was innocent

Eva Choloplay—The Judge who was concerned with the due process rights for both the decedent and the accused

A Paradise for Criminals

“Some people claim police take bribes because they are being poorly paid. But that is far from the truth. Police the world over are known for taking bribes, whether they are being poorly paid or not,” said Amos Tarpeh.

He and Mr. Samuel Gboyah were sitting under the plum tree drinking palm wine.

Mr. Gboyah said, “The police are no better than criminals. I can't help but wonder if they are ever going to curb crime in this country.”

The Stranger Beside Me

HER IMAGE STUCK with me the whole night.

She said her name was Precious, and pointed out, “It is not my real name though.”

I laughed.

“Why then used it?” I said.

“I have to, you know,” Precious said, in that soft voice that I was getting used to, “I always tell people I’m Precious.”

I did not probe on for more reasons, since this world is becoming dangerous and a girl would have to protect her image and herself.

The pictures she had sent me were four in number. And gosh she was that beautiful, and I told her that.

“Thank you.”

One Day in the Life of Kesselly

The landlady knocked on the door. Keselly came out of the room, bare from the waist up and wearing only a pair of shorts. Moments later, his girlfriend Musu, wearing only a lappa and nude from the belly up, also came out of the room and stood beside him. In Musu's arms was her nine-month-old child, sucking from one of her full, succulent breasts.

“So, Keselly, you refused to pay your rent enh?” the landlady asked, cocking one eyebrow, as though surprised that the young man had not yet paid his rent.


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