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Poro Devil Wanted for Alleged Torture, Murder

A devil of the Poro Society involved in the alleged torture of one Samuel Mansuo, 55, which turned fatal in Zuaplay Town, Doe Administrative District, Nimba County, is said to have escaped upon news of the arrest of 28 of its followers.

The Administrative District Commissioner, Samuel Napah Wehyee, quoted the women of Zuaplay who said that they saw the devil escaping to the nearby town called Gbanquoi, after his followers were arrested.

Graves of those who succumbed to Ebola

“We Prefer Burial, not Cremation”

Traditional leaders in Bong County have denounced the cremation of Ebola dead on ground that it is conflicting to the cultural norms and traditional practices of the country.   

In an interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, the Chief Elder of Bong County Moses Suakollie said incinerating the lifeless does not demonstrate love for the dead.

Mr. Suakollie told this reporter that their posture to censure the cremation is largely due to their tradition and customs as people of the Kpelle tribe.

Supt. Buway: ‘This will continue until National Gov’t can start providing benefits for health workers in Margibi’

Margibi Authorities Begin Health Workers’ Encouragement Package Scheme

Authorities of Margibi County have begun distributing what they termed motivational benefits to health workers at C.H. Rennie, government’s only referral hospital in Kakata City.

Addressing several government and volunteer health workers, Margibi Supt. John Zubah Buway said the county administration, including the Legislative Caucus thought it prudent to allocate some money from the county development funds to give  to health workers as an encouragement package.

Mr. Brown: “Ebola spread in the county because of tradition.”

Bomi Superintendent Blames Ebola Spread on Tradition

Bomi County Superintendent, Samuel F. Brown says the spread of Ebola in the county would have been minimized if citizens had adhered to the advice of health authorities.

During an interview with the Daily Observer recently, Superintendent Brown regretted that people in the county hold on to their traditions so strongly that they did not agree at the outset to suspend some of their traditional activities and practices as advised by health and county authorities.

Physician Assistant at Rennie Hospital in Margibi, Kyndy Kobbah, Ebola survivor

Network of Ebola Survivors Calls for Support

The Network of Ebola Survivors is calling on the government of Liberia, local and international partners in the fight against the deadly virus to support and empower survivors and the network at large.

Speaking recently at the Information Ministry’s regular Ebola Hour press briefing on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, the chairman of the Network, Karlia Bonarwolo, who is also a Physician Assistant, said the organization has over 100 members but they are enduring hardship due to lack of support for their upkeep and to restart their lives.


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