It is 9:37 pm in Monrovia on Thursday, July 31, 2014


L-R: Catholic Archbishop Lewis J. Zeigler and LCC President, Rt. Rev. Dr. Jonathan B.B. Hart endorsed the resolution in consonance with other non-denominational church associations

'God Is Angry with Liberia'

More than 100 Bishops, Pastors, General Overseers, Prophets, Evangelists and other Ministers of the Gospel, under the auspices of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), converged Wednesday at the edifice of the St. Stephen Episcopal Church on 10th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia, to deliberate on the Church’s role in and response to the Ebola epidemic.

The meeting was called by Archbishop Jonathan B.B. Hart, President of the LCC, who was also recently elected and enthroned Archbishop of the Internal Province of West Africa.

Banner carrying Ebola awareness and prevention was posted at major entertainment centers in Ganta

Ganta Hospital Sets Up Ebola Treatment Facility, Awaits MOH Help

As the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus spreads across Liberia, the Ganta City Authorities, in collaboration of the United Methodist Hospital Administration, have  established a special task force to respond to any Ebola cases in Ganta and its environs.

The decision to establish the task force was reached last Monday  at a meeting held in  the office of the City Mayor of Ganta.  The meeting was sparked by reports of two cases of Ebola-related deaths.  One of which the victims was identified as being Ebola positive.

Chiefs, Elders Pledge Support in Combating Ebola

The National Traditional Council of Chiefs of Liberia, headed by Chief Zanzan Karwor and comprising elders of the 16 tribes of Liberia, has pledged its support in combating the deadly Ebola virus in the country.

Speaking at the Internal Affairs Ministry Wednesday, Chief Karwor said the chiefs and elders will join in efforts to combat the deadly Ebola virus, to include messages informing rural dwellers on measures to fight the virus.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: "If you think I am tired, try me."

‘I Am Far from Being Tired’

Seventy-five-year-old President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has assured members of the National Ebola Task Force that she is very far from being tired in handling the affairs of the state.

President Sirleaf, who chaired Tuesday’s National Ebola Task Force Meeting held at the C. Cecil Dennis, Jr. Auditorium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sternly responded to comments made by Mr. Natty B. Davis, former Chairman of the National Investment Commission of Liberia.


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