Liberia: Cemenco CEO Commits to Liberia’s Development

— Meet President Boakai

Mr. Hakan Gurdal, the CEO of Cemenco Africa, East Mediterranean, Russia, Kazakhstan (AMWA), has expressed his company’s commitment to Liberia’s economic and infrastructural development programs.

Gurdal on Monday, February 26, led a delegation of executives from Cemenco to meet with President Joseph Nyuma Boakai at the Executive Mansion, where he made the commitment.  During the meeting, the Cemenco CEO discussed plans to contribute to infrastructural growth through the introduction of ready-mixed concrete for road projects.

Gurdal emphasized economic diversification, job creation, and the importance of fostering partnerships with the Government of Liberia to achieve shared goals. Cemenco’s plans include investments in new technologies, customer service initiatives, and the development of new distribution channels in remote areas of Liberia.

He described the meeting as the beginning of a transformative journey, one that hinges on the symbiotic partnership between Cemenco and the Government of Liberia.

“On behalf of our company, I am pleased to delve into discussions surrounding our development plans. Economic development is the bedrock of well-being for all Liberians, and we are eager to foster a robust partnership between Cemenco and the Government of Liberia.”

In the pursuit of a brighter future, the cemenco CEO informed President Boakai that the company’s three-year vision entails an investment into key projects that not only enhance its operational efficiency but also contribute significantly to the nation’s economic landscape. 

“We are committed to ushering in a new era with initiatives such as a state-of-the-art silo and bagging machine, aimed at promoting low-carbon cement and improving delivery times, particularly in the sub-regions.

“Economic diversification and job creation lie at the core of our mission. By introducing more affordable cement options, we envisage a cascade effect — more volume, more carriers, more resellers, and ultimately, more jobs, fostering a robust circular economy.”

Mr. Gurdal further announced his company’s commitment to providing customer service for projects with bulk cement storage silos, thereby facilitating concrete use and reducing project costs.

He also assured an inclusive development plan to promote opening of new distributor stores in remote areas such as Zwedru, Fishtown, Pleebo, and Greenville, fostering business creation and regional prosperity. 

“In alignment with Ghana’s successful model, we aspire to inaugurate an academy dedicated to training young individuals in the concrete and brick profession, contributing to skill development and job creation.

Looking ahead to the Company’s vision in six years, the Company aims to contribute to Liberia’s infrastructure growth through the introduction of ready-mixed concrete for road projects, employing mobile concrete plants. 

Additionally, they will intensify research into low-carbon cement, collaborating with national laboratories, the standards bureau, Heidelberg Materials, and young Liberian engineers from the AFD program.

Large-scale long-term projects, such as utilizing local materials like Granite Dust, will further enhance sustainability, education, and technology.

“We emphasize the importance of creating a qualified workforce to support economic growth. Training programs in universities and academies will play a pivotal role in preparing individuals for the major role of low-carbon cement in the future.

“Our commitment to job creation, regional development, and accessibility to cement is unwavering. Current challenges, such as transport costs, port charges, and road conditions, can be mitigated through strategic agreements with carriers and ongoing efforts to improve road networks.

“To conclude, we express unwavering confidence in achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Our commitment is resolute, and we pledge to work closely with the Government of Liberia to bring these ambitious visions to life. Together, we shall build a future where prosperity knows no bounds, reaching every corner of Liberia speech.”

President Boakai expressed gratitude for Cemenco’s contributions to Liberia’s development, particularly in job creation, and reaffirmed his commitment to creating a conducive environment for investors. He acknowledged the importance of companies like Cemenco in creating employment opportunities for Liberians and emphasized the government’s support for investments that promote economic growth and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the delegation included key members of Cemenco’s leadership team, and they highlighted their vision for investing in projects that aim to enhance operational efficiency and support the nation's economic landscape.

Members of the delegation were; Mr. Hakan Gurdal: CEO Africa, East Mediterranean, Russia, Kazakhstan (AMWA), Mr. William Gaignard, Managing Director `Cemenco, Director of the Board, Mr. Francesco Brambilla: Director of Business AMWA, and Mr. Frank Huber, Managing Director for West Africa. Others are; Mrs. Mambinta John, CFO Cemenco, Mrs. Vivian Joe Samoi, Commercial Manager of Cemenco, and Mr. James Davis, Shareholder, Director of the Board.