Dismissal of Criminal Charges against “Prophet Key” Backfires?

Ambassador Juli Endee and Controversial social media talk-show host, Prophet Key, Photo credit: Independent Probe

The ongoing legal battle between Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador, Juli Endee, and controversial social media personality, Nayapougma Oldpa Yeazeahn, popularly known as “Prophet Key”, has taken a contentious turn following the dismissal of the case by the Monrovia City Court, reportedly without the knowledge of the complainant, Endee and her legal team.

Ambassador Endee accused Prophet Key of threatening her on his social media platform, claiming that he would ensure she never had the opportunity to work in any government in Liberia, which caused her fear and distress. She also claimed that Prophet Key’s actions were intended to bring her to public ridicule and shame.

These accusations led to charges of criminal coercion, menacing, and disorderly conduct. However, due to the failure of Prophet Key’s legal team to secure bail, the proceedings could not commence on Monday, February 19, and were rescheduled by Magistrate Ben Barco to Friday, February 23. Prophet Key was, however, urged by the judge to ensure that his bail was filed to the court by Tuesday, February 20,

But in an unexpected turn of events, and while waiting for Friday to testify in the proceedings as she was directed by Magistrate Barco, Ambassador Endee claimed that she was shocked to hear the government dismissal of the matter without first hearing from her lawyers. 

Magistrate Barco’s decision was contained in a request for nolle prosequi filed by the state lawyers that met the approval of the magistrate.

The document reads, “Prosecutors in the proceedings prayed Your Honour and this Honourable Court to invoke Chapter 18 Section 18 of the criminal procedure law, entering nolle prosequi in favor of the defendant.”

Immediately following the court's decision, Endee, in a press conference, accused both the court and state prosecutor of the unfortunate action.

The unexpected dismissal of the case by the state prosecutors through a nolle prosequi request has left Ambassador Endee feeling dissatisfied and shocked, as she believes there was sufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution.

“How could they treat me this way? I provided all the evidence, and they said it was enough to charge Prophet Key,” she said. 

“I was abused and threatened by Prophet Key, but they are now saying I don’t have any evidence to proceed with the proceedings. And where is the justice that I deserved?” she asked tearfully.

According to her, she took her case to court because she believed in democracy and the rule of law. “Is this the justice I went there to seek? I will not rest until the case is heard. And even if I never had evidence, could they not allow me to explain myself before dismissing the case without informing me?”

Ambassador Endee says she and her sympathizers will go to the office of President Joseph Boakai to ensure that she gets justice.

In addition to the President, she said, she is going to inform the international community, including the US Embassy, regarding the decision of the court. “I will inform them for their intervention because I need justice, and I deserve it.”

She expressed her frustration at the press conference, questioning the court’s decision to dismiss the case without her involvement or explanation.

Endee has vowed to seek justice by all available means, including involving President Joseph Boakai and informing the international community about the situation. Her determination to advocate for her rights and pursue justice remains steadfast despite the unexpected events in the legal proceedings.